JMS : 2015 Volume 1 issue 6

The Relationship between Personality Factors and Entrepreneurial of Students, School of Engineering, University of Kermanshah, Iran

AmirHossein Amirkhani, Masoome Azimi

Page No: 93-102                      

The Relationship between the Salary of Overpriced Stockholders and Audit Fees in Listed Companies on the Stock Exchange

Vahid Fazeli, Mansur Garkaz, Parviz Saeidi

Page No: 103-107                      

The Relationship between the Professional Ethics on the Municipal Employees’ Efficiency of the New City Parand

AmirHossein Amirkhani, Abolhassan Ahmadi Zenoz

Page No: 108-118                      

The Effect of Oil Shocks on the Real Exchange Rate Model (SVE CM)

Zahra Omidi, Maryam Bayat

Page No: 119-125                      

Examining the Relationship between Public Funds, Private Funds Sector with Growth Rate of GDP in Iran

Fatemeh Hoseini, Parviz Saeedi

Page No: 126-128