JMS : 2015 Volume 1 issue 12

The Relationship Job-Training with Students’ Professional Ability-Making and Feeling

Touba Husseinzadeh, Turan Soleimani

Page No: 347-350                      

The Relationship of Job-training with Professional Effectiveness Feeling and Selection right of Students Along with the Emphasize on the College-bound Graduators

Touba Husseinzadeh, Turan Soleimani

Page No: 351-356                      

The Comparison of Tabriz Girl Private Schools Educational Performance and Organizational affairs with Governmental Schools

Faranak Farid Seghatfroush, Mehrdad Moharramzadeh

Page No: 357-360                      

The Comparison of Parents Knowledge, Executive Programs and Educational Progression of Tabriz Private and Governmental Girl Schools

Faranak Farid Seghatfroush, Mehrdad Moharramzadeh

Page No: 361-364                      

The Role of Knowledge Management and Total Quality System Management on Corporate Performance

Mohhammad Hossein Javadi Athar, Aboutorab Alirezaie

Page No: 365-372                      

Examining the Effectiveness of Advertising and Media Messages of Keshavarzi Bank based on Dagmar Model

Milad Tamook, Dr.Shahram Khalil Nezhad Azar, Moosa Ahmad Zadeh

Page No: 373-377                      

The Restatements of Financial Statements Regard to the Amount of Tax Adjustments on the Future Growth of Listed Companies in Stock Exchange of Tehran, Iran

Naser Tooni, Mansur Garkaz

Page No: 378-384                      

The Relationship between the Academic Procrastination and the Academic Self-efficacy for Academic Achievements in Female High School Students in Isfahan in the 2013–2014 Academic Year

Leila Roghani, Taghi Aghahoseini, Fazlollah Yazdani

Page No: 385-390                      

The Relationship between Knowledge Management and Financial Performance among Employees of Ansar bank in Golestan, Iran

Mohammad Khan Ahmadi, Mohsen Malek Mohammadi, Alireza Mazidi

Page No: 391-394                      

The Factors Affecting the Design and Implementation of Management Accounting and Its Impact on the Financial Performance of the Saderaat Bank, Hormozgan, Iran

Esa Asghari Hasankiyadeh, Dr.Hamid Ravanpak Noodezh, Dr.Mohammad Mohebbi

Page No: 395-400                      

The Relationship between Intellectual Capital and Financial Performance of Companies Listed in Tehran Stock Exchange

Hamid Anaei, Dr. Mohammad Kheiry, Dr.Karim Nemati

Page No: 401-412                      

The Effect of Corporate Governance Mechanisms on the Management of Liquidity and Capital Management of Listed Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange

Hashem Valipour, Mohammad Hadi Hosseini Sarani

Page No: 413-424                      

Comparative Study of Factors Affecting Productivity of Human Resources in Small and Medium Size Industries with Large Industries

Maryam Bijanpour, Dr.Mahnoosh Abedini

Page No: 425-430                      

The Impact of Customer Knowledge and Customer Orientation on Quality of Customer Relationship to Sale Life and Savings Insurance Policies

Mohsen Rezaei, Dr.Karim Nemati

Page No: 431-434                      

Review Article: Brand Management

Fahimeh Zare, Dr. Esmaeil Hasanpour Ghoroghchi

Page No: 435-438                      

The Relationship between Quantum Management and Job Engagement in Ministry of Roads and Urban Development of Golestan Province, Iran

Alireza Sazesh, Seyed Ali Siadat

Page No: 436-442                      

The investigation of the Girl High School Physical, Health Services, Consciousness, Social and Emotional Elements on the Secure Schools Elements of Tabriz 5th Educational Districts

Haleh Nasirian Badie, Jahangir Yari Ataloo

Page No: 443-447                      

The Girl High School Prevention and Intervention, Supportive and Supervision Elements in Tabriz 5th Educational Districts

Haleh Nasirian Badie, Jahangir Yari Ataloo

Page No: 448-451                      

The Ways of Increasing College Graduates to Managerial Posts from the Perspective of Managers

Leila Jalal, Akbar Soleiman Nezhad

Page No: 452-455                      

Impact of Strategic Leadership by Human and Financial Resources on Implementing the Programs by Short-term and Long-term Use of Coal in Industries

Mohammadhadi Nouroozi, Dr. Abbas Esteghlal Motlagh

Page No: 456-461                      

The Relationship between Organizational Learning and Organizational Commitment of Staff in the Pools of Golestan Province

Mahbobeh Ebrahimi, Reza Rezaeishirazi

Page No: 462-465