JMS : 2018 Volume 4 issue 1

The Relationship between Human Resources Diversity and Organizational Performance Large Organizations

Moghadas Masood

Page No: 1-10                      

Role of Job Satisfaction as A Mediator of the Relationship Between Academicians Psychological Empowerment and Organizational Commitment

Imran Amanat, Khurram Shahzad Khan, Saba Munir

Page No: 11-26                      

The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Job Satisfaction Based on the Mediation of Political Skills in Sepah Bank Branches in Golestan Province

Mohammad Ali Kolajani, Roohallah Samiee

Page No: 27-30                      

Effect Of Stress And Burnout On Job Satisfaction In Case Of Lahore Banks: A survey in Lahore Banks

Zirva Farayad, Dr. Bilal Aziz

Page No: 31-42                      

Investigating the Tendency of Managers in Discretionary Leadership Style in Comparison with Transformational Style of High School Principals in District 2 of Zahedan

Elham Mashhadi Adimi

Page No: 43-48